At the end of 2016 we began the Village House project. Aptly named after it’s Forest Hill Village location we knew this 1920’s family home was a gem from the onset. Filled with charming details like coffered ceilings, wainscoting & stain glass all original to the home our main design objective was to preserve as much as possible while giving it modern, urban appeal & functionality.

Tackling a project so rich in preservable detail presents some key design challenges. The primary one being; how to bring it up to date & give it a fresh, modern aesthetic without losing any character? How we accomplished this successfully at the Village House was by selecting the right paint colors and finishes for the original wood details as well as adding modern, high-end finishes that complimented the original 1920’s design focal points. 

While we still wanted to make the gorgeous craftsman style details “POP” & have that wow factor we did not want to maintain the dark, drab & overwhelming presence they once had. We opted to used warm whites & fresh greige tones to achieve this on the wood features. These tones also created a great canvas to layer some of our other finishes on. We selected modern matte white light fixtures that illuminated the area’s of interest in a purposeful way as well as selected the perfect stain for the reclaimed wood floors that all together brought the once dark & super lacquered (not in a good way) woodwork details into the 21st century.

As far as the beautiful stain glass windows we used some of the same tricks (picking the right palettes) as well as some new ones to help make them a pièce de résistance instead of a piece you would rather resist! We wanted them to be a whimsical reminder of the homes history that makes you fall in love with the space rather than a feature you wish had been swapped for something more current. Taking a cue from the colors present in the glass; in this case apple greens, golds, chocolates and sweet raspberries! We picked both vibrant and muted tones from each window to make the space around it (including the exterior) come alive and become a design feature. We then allowed this palette to influence the design in other area’s of the house to reinforce it’s modern repurposing. From a fun runner (which we ALWAYS LOVE!) to statement tile in the bathrooms & newly renovated kitchen area right down to a vibrant front door we are pretty sure we have all our bases covered on refurbishing this classic. Ultimately each piece of old character influenced the homes new character and urban whimsey & chic. Making this a charming dwelling for a modern family with an infinity for the character & beautifully preserved details that sets this house apart from the rest & makes it feel like a real home.

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