We recently completed a year long renovation of a beautiful property in Harbord Village. We salvaged it's incredible victorian bones + did a complete gut on the interior creating a truly modern, sophisticated, urban dwelling. There were many highlights during the creative process but one that truly stands out is working with Brazilian born, Toronto based street artist Bruno Smoky who created a custom piece for our laneway garage. If you know anything about urban living you know street art plays a major role in punctuating our beautiful city. From tags to murals + all in-between; it acts as a record keeper of characters, neighbourhoods, arts + culture in the urban landscape. For the artists behind this work the city is their canvas, no façade is immune (particularly in the laneways + alleys of Toronto). Their remains however a code amongst these artists and visual storytellers to respect each others work + ground. Knowing this we wanted to enlist an artist that would bring both message + vision to the double garage at The Harbord House.

"We connected with Smoky because we have admired his work across Ontario. We knew he would create something that captivated the passersby. His work is bold and thought provoking; it has a great level of detail and artistry which compliments that of our own design work...It was an ideal fit." 

What resulted was a one of a kind art piece that has added great interest + dimension to this modern, urban dwelling.

To see more of Smoky's work visit his website or check out his Instafeed @brunosmoky